Honey Lab Dry Skin Rescue

Enriched with Derma-B5x™ a proprietary blend of 5 bee-derived ingredients
that transform the look of dry, sagging skin.
Rich, honey-based body balm quenches resistant rough, dry patches with
Argan Oil and Shea Butter.
Restore suppleness to scars and stretchmarks with Vitamin E and Cocoa
13 Organic antioxidant botanicals support natural elasticity and fight visible
signs of sun damage.
Incredibly rich body balm absorbs quickly into rough, dry skin with no greasy
Fight visible sagging and sun damage with Coffee Bean, Acai, Goji Berry and
Pomegranate extracts.
Manuka Honey and Green Tea promote a youthful and uniform, lifted
Honeylab® uses only the most high quality, skin-friendly ingredients.
No Formaldehyde-releasers
No Mineral Oil
No Sulfates
Honeylab® bees are humanely treated! Honeylab® cares about the planet, and
each formula is hand-crafted in Chicago with love.
Directions: Massage vigorously into skin focusing on especially dry, rough areas
in need of moisture. Use after bathing, and any time skin needs an extra dose of
honey-infused hydration.

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